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Windows 1.0 Development Seminar June 1986

Below are pictures of the cover and first few pages of the seminar binder distributed to all participants.

After receiving the Windows 1.0 SDK in advance Lee and Dave were disappointed to learn they needed the Microsoft C compiler and Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) to fully utilize it.  We couldn't afford to buy those (it would have cost more than we would make from writing the BYTE magazine review), fortunately Marty Taucher of Microsoft arranged to bring the compiler and assembler we needed to the seminar in New York.  Below is the cover of the MASM binder, notice the long-dead "The High Performance Software" slogan and logotype.

One complication for Dave attending this seminar was two of his 11th grade high school exams were being held at the same time.  Special permission was sought and granted via the following letter and photocopy of the seminar brochure.

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